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研討會論文/Conference Papers

Conf. Date
Paper Title
Conference Name
Conference Venue
Funding Project
212019/11/15灰關聯分析於LED專利訴訟角色之定位辨 (slides)林家銘、管中徽(通訊作者)2019中華民國科技管理學會年會暨論文研討會龍華科技大學MOST 108-3017-F-002-003-
MOE 108L900204
202019/11/15基於合作網路觀點之關鍵發明人與核心團隊之發掘 (slides)張智勝、管中徽(通訊作者)2019中華民國科技管理學會年會暨論文研討會龍華科技大學MOST 108-3017-F-002-003-
MOE 108L900204
192019/11/15矽智財相關專利之發掘分析 (slides)張世宜、管中徽(通訊作者)2019中華民國科技管理學會年會暨論文研討會龍華科技大學MOST 108-3017-F-002-003-
MOE 108L900204
182019/09/02~05Bibliographically Coupled Patents: Their Temporal Pattern and Combined Relevance (slides)Chung-Huei Kuan, Dar-Zen Chen17th International Conference on Scientometrics & Informetrics (ISSI 2019)Rome, ItalyMOST 108-3017-F-002-003-
MOE 108L900204
172019/05/24~26配電設備之局部放電檢測技術專利分析初探 (slides)管中徽、林瑞珠、張建國、王偉哲第十八屆離島資訊技術與應用研討會國立中興大學
162019/02/11~13Crossover Authors: Bibliometric Study in Computer Science (slides)Chung-Huei, Kuan, Dar-Zen Chen, Mu-Hsuan Huang2019 University-Industry Engagement conference (UIIN 2019)Sydney, AustraliaMOST 107-3017-F-002-004-
MOE 107L900204
152018/12/16~19Two-Dimensional Technology Profiling of Patent Portfolio (slides)Chung-Huei, Kuan, Wei-Ming Tu, Dar-Zen Chen2018 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM2018)Bangkok, ThailandMOST 107-3017-F-002-004-
MOE 107L900204
142018/11/30IPC 或 CPC? 美國專利分類系統的比較與分析 (slides)張晉源、管中徽2018年中華民國科技管理學會年會暨論文研討會義守大學
132018/09/12~14Patent Main Path Analysis with Arc Weights Based on Classification Similarity (slides)Chung-Huei, Kuan, Cheng-Wei Chiu, John S. Liu, Mu-Hsuan Huang, Dar-Zen Chen23rd International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (STI 2018)Leidden, The NetherlandsMOST 107-3017-F-002-004-
MOE 107L900204
122018/08/19~22Assessing Patents based on Their Structural Significance in Patent Citation Network (slides)Chung-Huei, Kuan, Dar-Zen ChenPICMET '18: Managing Technological Entrepreneurship: The Engine for Economic GrowthHonolulu, Hawaii, USAMOST 106-2221-E-011-105-
MOST 107-3017-F-002-004-
MOE 107L900204
112017/12/01應用分類號共現偵測專利權人技術演進之研究 (slides)杜維民、管中徽2017年中華民國科技管理學會年會暨論文研討會國立政治大學
102017/10/16~20The Missing Link Effect: A Case Study Using Patent Main Path Analysis (slides)Chung-Huei Kuan, Dar-Zen Chen16th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI)WuHan, China
92017/07/09~13A study of the correlation between number of classification symbols and patent citation count (slides)Chung-Huei Kuan, Tsai-Hsuan YangPICMET '17: Technology Management for Interconnected WorldPortaland, Oregon, USAMOST 105-2221-E-011-105-
82016/09/04~08Evaluating research and patenting performance using elites: A preliminary classification Scheme (slides)Chung-Huei Kuan, Ta-Chan ChiangPICMET '16: Technology Management for Social InnovationHonolulu, Hawaii, USAMOST 104-2221-E-011-050-
72015/06/29~07/04An empirical study on utilizing pre-grant publications in patent classification analysis (slides)Chung-Huei Kuan, Chan-Yi Lin15th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI)Boğaziçi University
Istanbul, Turkey
MOST 103-2221-E-011-115-
62014/12/09~12Do we miscount patent citations? An empirical study on the impact of overlooking the citations to a patent’s pre-grant publication (slides)Chung-Huei Kuan, Hsiang-Jui Cheng2014 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering ManagementSelangor Darul Ehsan, MalaysiaMOST 102-2221-E-011-115-
52014/07/27~31A preliminary study on the difference between the citation counts of issued patents and their corresponding pre-grant publications (slides)Chung-Huei Kuan, Hsiang-Jui ChengPICMET '14: Infrastructure and Service IntegrationKanazawa, JapanMOST 102-2221-E-011-115-
42014/07/27~31Publication performance evaluation for academic institutes by their contributions to the most visible publications across multiple fields (slides)Chung-Huei Kuan, Dar-Zen ChenPICMET '14: Infrastructure and Service IntegrationKanazawa, Japan
32012/12/10~13Locating the key competitors: A new tool for technology manager (slides)Kuan, C.-H., Huang, M.-H., & Chen, D.-Z.2012 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM2012)Hong Kong
22011/12/06~09Technology manager’s radar screen: Monitoring competitors’ innovation performance (slides)Kuan, C.-H., Dong, H.-R., Huang, M.-H. & Chen, D.-Z.2011 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM2011)Singapore
12010/09/09~11Identifying core patents by citations, bibliographic coupling and co-citationDar-Zen Chen, Yi-Shan Sung, Chung-Huei KuanEleventh International Conference on Science and Technology IndicatorsLeiden, the Netherlands
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